Decisions in a LQSI was dismayed about the changes being made at the other blog host site I used, so I am switching hosts. Hopefully, if you make comments on my posts, they will not be turned into ads for other companies!  Unfortunately, this also means my blog may have ads on them. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to upgrade and pay to have the ads removed, but I have to go with the free option for now.

For those who started following me on my other site, thank you for following me here! For those who just came across my blog, thank you for giving me a chance to introduce myself. The photo is one my husband took of me, when I was trying to decide how much to buy of the fabric I’m leaning on (at least a couple yards), and whether there was anything in that store for another project I was working on (there wasn’t).

My first task is to figure out how to import my posts on the other site, so my (short) blogging history is all in one place. Bear with me as I figure out this new host and what my options are. Things may look different as I experiment with what I think looks best, and your input is always welcome!