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Most quilters have more than one thing going on at a time, for a variety of reasons. Right? “Ooo, like that pattern in the magazine, I’ll try making one block.” “I’m getting sick of looking at this fabric, time to work on something else for a while.” “Dang, my eyes are going crossed quilting this. Think I’ll start working on that charity quilt instead.” It is rare to come across a quilter who finishes one project before starting another!

So tonight I decided I really needed to finish one of my WIPs (Works in Progress), and there was a good candidate that just needed one more step to be finished. It’s a Project Linus quilt, approx. 34″ wide by 40″ long, with a baseball theme:  




The first photo gives you a good idea of the front. The second photo shows you the binding and back, too. I thought the brown would be good for this (what baseball player doesn’t get a little dirty?), as the front and back are such different color schemes. But I knew as soon as I saw the backing fabric that it was perfect for this quilt, so brown binding it was.

I have another Project Linus quilt top and backing ready to be machine quilted and finished, but that will have to wait for another night. It’s more girlie, with BRIGHT colors (totally not my usual color palette, but I’m trying to stretch myself!). I’ll post that photo when it’s further along. Then there is the preemie quilt that needs a border before I can assemble the layers, quilt and bind it; and the quilt for my husband that I’m hand quilting (almost finished with the 2nd of 6 rows); and the basket weave scrap quilt I’m piecing; and… you get the picture. 🙂

One more share-and-tell item for tonight!

Yesterday I worked with my 11-year-old sewing student for about two hours, making a simple tote bag:


You can just see an inside pocket peeking out.  🙂  The directions were for a more complicated bag, but I decided to skip the applique, pleating, and some of the pockets (no pockets for my student). She was so proud of her tote bag, she carried it home hanging on her shoulder. Her mom asked if it was reversible; I hadn’t thought about it, but I guess it is. My student’s fabrics were a darkish red for the outside and a white with a small red/black print inside. 

This is the second bag we’ve made this fall; the first was a drawstring bag. Next project is to practice sewing on buttons to make something useful; I’m still trying to design that project!

Time to do some more hand quilting before the night is over, but I’m happy at least one project is done. Good night all!