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This week has been a little bit crazy. My sewing student had too much homework, so I spent that time putting a zipper in her father’s winter coat. Yeah, leave it to me to make my first zipper project a heavy wool winter coat! But, I think I did it okay, and he has his coat back. He’ll need it, too, it’s been below freezing the last several nights.

Tonight is the premiere of my husband’s newest film, “The Purest Heart”. You can see a trailer for it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuLC9kRhFw0. It’s playing in Coaldale tonight, at the Angela Triplex, so if you’re in the area come on out!  If you are curious about my husband’s projects, you can find out more at www.mazzpress.com or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mazzpress.

I also have a table loom that really needs dusting and needs to be tested. I have the yarn ends measured out on my warping board, but need to clean up the reed a bit before I put the yarn through it. (Didn’t know I did weaving, too, did you? Guess I’ll have to talk about that more in another post.) The heddles are in bad shape, but might be usable enough for a small test project, a green and tan scarf. I’m using acrylic for this test project so I don’t ruin good yarn. 

And now my eldest niece is engaged, so I’m trying to figure out how to use fabrics left over from wedding dresses made for my grandmother, mother, and sister, and the fabric from the train for my wedding dress. It’s all a lot of cream and ivory, mix of silk, satin, and lace (and calico, if my mom sends me fabric left from my sister-in-law’s wedding skirt). I may add in the green satin left from the bridal party dresses worn by my sister and the eldest niece (who was my flower girl fifteen years ago next week!), as well as light green cotton jacquard-style fabric from the dress I wore to my sister’s wedding. The idea I had was to use all these fabrics to make 4 wall hangings, one for each of my nieces. Currently I’m playing with the idea of doing a large nine patch block, with a photo in the middle, and the surrounding 8 squares made up of the wedding dress fabric in sort of crazy quilt fashion. I bought some cream and ivory calico to test pattern ideas with, and next week or the week after will start that process. Pictures will be posted when I actually have something to show.

Then there’s my husband’s quilt that I’m still hand quilting; and the scrappy basket weave quilt top that has kind of been set aside 2/3 of the way through piecing the top; and the kid’s quilt that needs to be assembled, quilted, and bound; and the preemie quilt that needs assembling, quilting and binding; and the Bargello I’d like to try making from coffee-colored fabrics; and, and, and! Yep, I’m not likely to get bored any time soon.  🙂 

Time to go get ready for the premiere tonight. Cheers, y’all!