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Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the gym (even after not going for two weeks), I do something stupid.

There was someone on the twisting machine that I normally use, so I started with the chest pull (55 pounds, nothing to write home about but better than I started at!). Twister was still in use, so I looked around at the other machines to see what worked the abs area. Saw something called the Hammer something, and thought, looks easy enough. Changed the settings to something pretty light to start with… And only did 4. Oh my goodness, my back was screaming at me. I was supposed to pull down with my arms and pull up with my legs, kind of a sitting crunch I guess. But my back did not like it one bit. I even began to wonder if I should just go home, but decided to try some light work to keep my back from freezing up or something.

By this time, the twister was no longer in use (figures, right?), so I set the weight way down low and did some exploratory twists. Doing it gently seemed to make my back feel a little better, so I did my usual 10 reps on each side, 3x. Feeling like my back was at least no longer as bad as it had been just a little while earlier, I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes at interval speeds (five minutes at 3 mph, five minutes at 3.7 mph, five minutes at 3 mph, etc.).  I hate holding on to the bars, as my shoulders just don’t like that interruption to my stride, but found that as my walk went on I needed to. Thinking I’d pushed myself about as far as I should for the night, I called it quits and headed home.

There’s something about a car seat that is incredibly unforgiving for a back. By the time I got home (5 minute drive!), my back was hurting again. So, it’s time to take it easy and not tackle any of the sewing or quilting I had planned!  😦 

So I’m going to try to cheer myself up by talking about our recent film project. Mazz Press, the publishing company made up of me and my husband, puts out books (and ebooks), short films and music. The short films and music are all related to the characters in the books, and we hire people (models and friends) to portray the characters. The films are kind of art house music videos, and my husband is the director, film editor, etc. I generally play the role of fill-in when necessary, also known as “executive producer”.  🙂  Our most recent project, “The Purest Heart”, was premiered at the Angela Tri-Plex Theatre in Coaldale, PA at the end of October.

The main song, “The Purest Heart”, is a collaboration of two people. My husband wrote the lyrics, and someone I went to high school with wrote the music and performed the song for the film. You can hear a sample here:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stephendavey. (The link takes you to the CD Baby page for the song; it will eventually make it to Amazon, but it’s not there yet.)  The song kind of gives us goosebumps.

You should watch the video my husband made for another song from the film, “The Beach”. You can find it on YouTube here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK6TgfeKEJo&sns=em.  The music is written and played by Flip, a great musician we met through Stephen Davey.  He makes great electronica music, stuff that’s great to chill out to or sometimes to work out to. Take a listen!

And, with that, I seem to have come full circle back to why I’m reclined on the couch right now. So I’ll sign off now, and hope y’all have had a better evening than I did!