I decided to make a few more preemie quilts. They are slightly addictive to make: only 20″ square,  a slight challenge to fit a pattern into such a specific (and small) space, and so quick to finish. They are also great for practicing your skills, whether it’s piecing, quilting, or binding, they are a great way to practice something on a small scale.

So here’s what I just sent off to the Quilting for Preemies group:

This was a fun one I threw together in an afternoon, inspired by a fabric ad I saw in a recent quilting magazine. It ended up being a little more patriotic than I normally go for, but that was an accident. I started with the blue fabric (which has branches, birds and snow), added the red, then realized the pattern I saw had a third narrow strip in it so I grabbed the white snow fabric. I debated which should be the main crosses, the white or the red, but decided the red would make too strong a cross in the middle, overwhelming the white, so I went with this layout. Easy to whip up, fun to play with, I might make this pattern again in the future.


This one was inspired by a pattern someone posted in one of the quilting Facebook groups. She had it with just two fabrics, but I decided to branch out. The black with ornaments was mostly left from a previous preemie quilt, so I thought it would be good to try to use it up here. The santas playing sports just seemed like a fun balance. Again, easy to put together quickly, and I’ll probably use this pattern again in the future.


The third preemie quilt came from a “let’s try this pattern” block I found in my stash from… I don’t know how long ago it was that I assembled this block. I added the narrow border to make it the correct size for a preemie quilt. My piecing skills have improved since I made this block, so maybe it’s time for me to try it again? Not a Christmas theme, like the other two, but I figure not all preemie babies are born to families that celebrate Christmas, so it’s okay.

So all three quilts were washed in Woolite, rinsed an extra time, and dried without fabric softener, packed into plastic bags in case the box gets damaged in transit (ALWAYS ship fabric objects in plastic zipped bags — never assume your box won’t get wet or damaged!!), and dropped off at the post office today. That makes my total nine for this year. I’ll have to start earlier in the year next year, and see if I can increase that.  🙂

And yes, I’m trying to get back into my routine at the gym. The back is slowly recovering, and last week I went a couple of times to walk slowly on the treadmill and do gentle twists. This week, I was able to increase my speed and time on the treadmill, did my twists with more weight, and did some shoulder exercises. No pain, which is a very good thing!  Good thing to get back into the gym, just in time for the season of overeating.   🙂  Oh, yes, and massive amounts of cookie baking, which will probably start shortly after Thanksgiving. I prefer to give homemade cookies as gifts to family and friends, partially because it’s more personal and partially because everyone I know has plenty of ‘stuff’ and really don’t need more unnecessary ‘stuff’ cluttering their lives and houses. Cookies and bars, on the other hand, rarely stick around long enough to clutter anything.  🙂

So, maybe the next post will discuss cookies? That’s a possibility. Maybe I should start by asking you: what’s your favorite cookie to make for others?