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I’ve discovered one of the hard parts of writing a blog: writing the blog. Just kidding, we all knew that beforehand, right? But I am finding it harder to come up with something interesting to write when I can’t show off a project. While I tend to be a text-first Internet user (as compared to people who spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest and photo blogs and video blogs, etc.), even I like a few graphics to spice up a post. So, my apologies that I don’t have any nice photos to share this time. Take a look at my previous post if you really need a photo fix.

The two kids’ quilts that I posted last time have made their way to the intended children. Their father, a friend of mine from college, posted photos of them on Facebook so I could see the two tucked up with their respective quilts. The older child, a young girl, chose the baseball-themed quilt and gave the bright-colored quilt to her baby brother. I’m okay with that, and seeing her cuddled up with her new quilt was priceless. Seeing someone love a quilt is all the thanks a quilter really needs.

Another project was finished, I thought; it was a prototype stuffed animal made out of flannel, for a high school friend. The creature got shipped off to him on Saturday, and he should be getting it today. Hopefully he’s happy with it, because he’s already asked if I could make 3 more creatures for him! Now I’m glad I bought as much flannel as I did when it was on sale, so I don’t have to worry about color tones matching. But that also means it’s time to put my thinking cap back on to figure out how to create these new stuffed critters. (Sorry I can’t be more specific about anything, but it’s someone else’s project and I don’t know what stage he’s at in his product development. I guess when it becomes public, I’ll let you know!)

And now it’s snowing again. I think we’ll miss the worst of this storm the Weather Channel is calling Janus; weather maps place us along the northern edge of the system. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens with that. Area schools are announcing they are sending kids home early to miss the bulk of the storm. It’s odd, hearing that, having grown up in Wisconsin where schools closed only twice due to snow that I can recall from my elementary, middle school, and college years there.

So, wherever you are, try to stay warm, drink some hot tea or hot cocoa, and try to enjoy your day!