We are THAT couple. The couple who sits side by side at a coffee shop, listening to music on our ear buds, typing away on our own computers (or in my case right now, my tablet with attached keyboard), oblivious to those around us, not talking to each other. Yep, that is us tonight.

Being Free Comic Book Day, we made sure to visit the two comic book shops in the Reading area. One had a hardcover Mouse Guard anthology, so I took one of those; I forget what Stephen found at the other place. Storm clouds moving in to the area were fascinating to watch, but we knew we were racing them when we were trying to get to the second store. Somehow we managed to avoid the worst of the downpour.

A stop at JoAnn Fabrics was necessary for me to get fabric for two projects I’m trying to finish. Shopping for project fabric sometimes feels a little like a clothes-hound saying “I have nothing to wear and nothing goes together!” Finally found a darkish greenish blue-ish fabric for the borders of a UFO that has been hanging in my living room for a couple of months, as well as light green fabric to go on the back. That project will become a kid’s quilt for a memorial quilt drive to benefit a children’s cardiovascular unit at a Minnesota hospital (sorry, can’t remember the details – that’s all in my Facebook groups stuff). It uses fabric from my brother’s wedding quilt and my best friend’s cat quilt, and finding something to go with both was a challenge (especially as I only had 20 minutes before JoAnn’s closed!!). I’ll post a photo when it’s finished. I also needed fabric to bind a second quilt for the same project, a simple panel with cute owls all over. I don’t have much nice yellow in my stash, so I made my best guess on the shade and bought a yard and a half for binding for that quilt. Yeah, that’s overkill for binding a small quilt (smaller than 40″ x 40″), but it was on sale. (Isn’t that what all fabriholics claim?)

After finishing our shopping in the Reading area, Stephen said he wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to get some writing done. Lately he’s found a comfort level at coffee shops, tuning out the world and working on his fifth novel. I knew ahead of time that he might want to do this, and frankly this kind of writing isn’t exactly participatory, so I came prepared with my own entertainments. Pulling out my Kindle in a Barnes & Noble, within site of the Nook displays, somehow seemed wrong (although funny in a dark way), so I pulled out my tablet. What to do? No photos to upload here, so this will be a text-only post (not going to do a selfie with the hubby, my arms aren’t that long). So a blog post seemed like a good idea. A snapshot of my life outside of sewing. 

Stephen glanced over to see what I was typing, and said “Are you typing your biography?”  I sometimes joke I will write an autobiography called “My Life With The .40 Caliber Mouse”, a reference to the series he’s writing. Maybe someday, but not tonight.