Okay, so this is too late to be part of the Spring 2014 Blogger’s Quilt Festival, but in my defense I’ve been sick all week. If you found this blog post because of the festival, welcome!

I thought about the various hand quilted things I’ve made over the years, and I decided that this would be a good entry for me: it’s the most summery thing I’ve ever made, and we sure are ready for summer to arrive after the very cold winter!

Citrus Quilt

Citrus Quilt – approx. 30 1/2″ square.

I call it my Citrus Quilt for obvious reasons: citrus fabrics and citrus-colored fabrics in an altered log cabin pattern. (I’m pretty sure it was an Atkinson Design, or similar company, and I purchased the pattern at a quilt show several years ago when I spotted the great citrusy fabric collection. I can’t find the pattern now, so if someone recognizes it give me a shout and I’ll be happy to credit the original design!) I didn’t want to end up with too much orange in my scrap collection, so I tried to use as much of it in the border and then the binding as I could.

Citrus Quilt 2

Close-up of one block within the quilt.

This quilt marked two things for me: it was the first quilt I made from a purchased pattern, and it was one of the few times I decided to make a really ORANGE quilt on my own. I have made quilts with orange in them for family members, but it really isn’t a color that I was happy adding to my stash “just in case” (unlike cooler colors like purples, greens and blues that I adore). So, when I spotted the citrusy fabric at that quilt show, I challenged myself to make a quilt out of the fabrics I found at that show. Then I went through the patterns at one of the vendors, and this one seemed perfect for the project.

Citrus Quilt 3

Close-up within that block to show hand quilting stitches.

Now every time I look at it, I get thirsty for lemonade or orange juice.  🙂

The hand quilting pattern is one I came up with on my own. I wanted to keep the citrus focus front and center, so found a rough sketch of a cross-section of an orange, re-sized it to fit my blocks, and then did the hand quilting in a lime green, lemon yellow, and orange thread. Only the green really shows up well against the fabric, but when you look closely you can see the orange. The yellow tends to look fairly neutral, my only disappointment with this project.