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Last week I made a big decision: I took the plunge and opened up an Etsy store. Not as big a deal as quitting my job and opening a quilt store (like some person I know), but a big deal for me nonetheless. I have always been uncomfortable selling my quilting services, never sure how to charge people, never sure if anyone would be willing to pay me to do what I really, really enjoy doing. So I thought this was a way to dip my toes into the pool, as it were, and see if what I make interests anyone.

First step was coming up with a name for my store. I thought I’d just use “Quilted Librarian” as it is the name of this blog, and I couldn’t find such a store in use. I hired a graphic designer to create my logo, using that name, and her work blew me away. (Thanks, Thalo! Everyone else, visit her website at motherchaosstudios.com if you ever need a professional look.) Here’s the official logo she created, based on one of the sample blocks I made earlier:

CaffQuilter official profile pic

Yep, that’s the D4P block! I love the 3D effect she gave it. I was thinking a book cover, but this is so much cooler. Anyway, so I went about setting up my shop… and found out I couldn’t use “Quilted Librarian”. Well, boo. On to the next best thing:  “Caffeinated Quilter”. While not intended to be alliterative, it kind of is, and most of my friends thought it was perfect for me.

So, if you are curious, you can visit my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/CaffeinatedQuilter. I’ve also set up a Facebook page for the shop, at www.facebook.com/caffeinatedquilter, where I’m hoping to show some of the behind-the-scenes photos, and maybe have discussions on what projects I should work on. Like the page to join in the discussion!  🙂

This past week, my sewing student and I finished our tote bags, too. It was quite a week! 10 sessions, over 4 months, and she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw the finished bag. It was like, “wow, I really made that myself!!” The photo below shows both the original tote I made from the instructions, which I thought would be way too big for her, and my version of the smaller tote. (I didn’t photograph hers; she wouldn’t let go of it long enough for me to do it.)

finished tote bags

I noticed in an earlier post I promised to post a photo of the UFO I was finishing up to send to a children’s hospital unit. Here it is:

pediatric cardiac quilt 2


Sorry I don’t have a better shot of it; it’s already been shipped out there. It was approx. 37″ square, and I just love the dark bluish greenish border fabric on the front, and the light green fabric on the back.

So, that’s what all I’ve been up to lately. I’m kind of excited by the possibilities opening up in front of me, and my husband has been incredibly supportive of all of these projects. We’ll see how things go!