That title seems appropriate, as I seem to be juggling multiple fabric-related things at once (though what quilter doesn’t in some way?). Juggling so much that my blog has taken a back seat while I get adjusted to new things. So I thought I’d take a few minutes to post some of the things I’ve been doing lately. 🙂

Last week my parents visited from the Midwest. “Becki,” my mom said, “can we go to a quilt store? I need to buy some fabric for the back of your dad’s quilt.” And so we spent several hours, over 125 miles round trip, visiting three different fabric stores run by Mennonites in southeastern/southcentral Pennsylvania. Gorgeous day (even some shady areas for my dad to read his book), gorgeous stores, … gorgeous fabric! Way too much gorgeous fabric. Mom and I tried to be really disciplined, but I still came home with quite a bit.

Some got used immediately. One of the fabrics I purchased was a couple yards (or more) of Moda Marbles in blackish grey, and I used it in a prototype project that combines my hobby with my husband’s. I decided to try making an unlined tote bag that featured the “Dreaded Mark of the Carrion Crow”, a piece of artwork from Stephen’s third novel. 

Tote bag featuring the "Dreaded Mark of the Carrion Crow".

Tote bag featuring the “Dreaded Mark of the Carrion Crow”. Original art designed by Stephen Pytak, then drawn by comic book artist Norm Breyfogle, then adapted by me into machine applique.

My husband was pretty happy with how this turned out, and has already started making suggestions of other crossover projects.  🙂  I’ve made one more, just finishing it tonight, and it will be on sale at author events and comic cons.

Then there is my Etsy store, AnExtraShotofQuilt. I’ve been trying to come up with things that I want to make that people might be willing to buy. Always a challenge, right? And I’ve been reminded that I really don’t like making the same thing over and over. I’ll make one or two of something, and then think “I can’t handle making one more of these right now, time to make something else!” So, in between making smaller things, I finally finished up a project that started with a randomly chosen group of sample blocks made out of the same fabric. 

Asymmetric Bargello table runner.

Asymmetric Bargello table runner.


This is just one end of the table runner I made, machine pieced and machine quilted. This went up for sale on the site yesterday. I think I need a mix of small fabric useful things and larger quilted wall hangings. I also realized I don’t have anything green up yet, which is kind of funny considering I have more green in my fabric stash than any other color. Guess I’d better figure out my next project using some that!

Some of my prototypes haven’t worked so well. A wallet I tried making ended up rather big and clunky; I realized I had used 1/4″ seams (as all quilters do), but the instructions were for 1/2″ seams. Yeah, that would make a difference! But I like the idea of it, so I’ll probably try that one again. Hey, I still have lots of “money” fabric left from my father-in-law’s quilt, maybe a wallet made of those scraps might be fun? Something to think about. 

And on July 4th, I just decided to play with red, white and blue fabric. Not having any real purpose in mind, I ended up making a couple of mug rugs.


These also went up on the site for sale. Doing zigzag machine applique around the star was quite the challenge! But I like how they turned out.

So that’s just some of what I’ve been up to. I love how so many creative ideas are just popping into my head at all times, and have started carrying a notebook with me when I go out to jot down these ideas. Some probably won’t work out, but maybe some will. And that’s why I’m doing this, to challenge myself, see what I can come up with, and generally have a heckuva good time playing with fabric.  🙂