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No photos tonight, just some thoughts. I know everyone starts an Etsy store (and a blog!) for their own reasons. Tonight, as I was working on stage two of an experiment, I thought about both.

One of the things that I am really enjoying is the challenge I face to design things. Not from scratch, but taking what I know from one project (say, a tote bag or a wallet that I just learned how to make), and how to apply those ideas to other things I’d like to make. I have never considered myself much of a designer, I always seemed to do better at taking something and doing my own thing with it.

I do the same kind of thing when my husband talks about his book projects with me. He’ll ask me “how should I do this scene?” and I’ll have no idea what to suggest. But if he says instead, “I’m thinking of doing this scene this way, what do you think?” I usually come up with something to say about it: that’s totally unrealistic, what if you did it this way? Or, hey, that’s really good, and maybe if you add this you can tie it in with that other scene. But starting with a blank page? Not my strong point.

So maybe this blog, and this Etsy store thing, are mostly about me learning more about what my strong points are, and where I need to work on things and learn something new. I don’t think I’ve sewn a zipper in before (or, if I did, it was WAY back in 6th grade home ec class, and that doesn’t count), until I tackled a small zippered purse the other week. Just making that one purse made me think about how I could do it better (I ended up hand stitching in the zipper, despite following the directions to the T).

And tonight, working with a totally different project, I suddenly realized, “hey, I’m designing something!” Doubt it’s something I can sell any quantities of, but it’s cool to think I’m learning new tricks, even if it means starting with a blank page sometimes.  🙂

(If you are curious, my Etsy store is AnExtraShotofQuilt. There are only a few things up there now. I add more as I’m inspired to make them.)