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Hello? Anyone there?  🙂  My apologies for the long period between posts! Life has a way of changing our plans, adding and subtracting to what we think we will be able to accomplish, doesn’t it?

Since the last time I posted, I’ve traveled back to Wisconsin to spend some quality time with my family in Madison. Mom and I visited four different quilt stores to pick out fabric for a t-shirt quilt for my second niece. As one of my coworkers put it, that was such a rough thing for us to do.  🙂  I did really well, though, only getting a few pieces of fabric for myself, as I had to haul everything back to Pennsylvania in my carry-on luggage. There’s incentive for ya! (Actually, my parents did have to mail a small box of stuff to me after I got home, but not because I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase.)

This quilt is going to have rows of fabric between the t-shirts, like we did with my first niece’s quilt, but this one is a bit different. Where my first t-shirt quilt was all orange, black and white, this one will be orange, black, white, blue, and grey! I came up with an initial design idea that was okayed by my mom and sister (mother of said niece), so we’ll go with that and see what happens. Here’s the first one I made several years ago:

Sam's graduation t-shirt quiltSo my idea with the second niece’s quilt is to have black around the t-shirts, like above, then have orange and white strips running long way down the quilt, and blue and grey strips running across. In the squares where they meet will be the various numbers she has worn over the years on her soccer teams. That’s the idea, anyway. I have all the stuff, now I need to get started one of these days! (She’s already graduated from high school; my goal is to get this done before she graduates from college. 🙂 )

Last weekend I went to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza with one of my coworkers who is just getting started with quilting. However, unlike years past, I didn’t take any photos, so I have nothing to display here. We enjoyed most of the quilts; I could tell she wasn’t much impressed with the modern quilts, though!

And now it’s time to really get sewing. I have two craft fairs coming up. The first is the Mahoning Valley Fiber Guild’s Fiber Fair in Lehighton, Pennsylvania on October 10. Of course I have to work that day, but one of the guild members has kindly offered to sell some of my things at her table for me.

Mahoning Valley Fiber Guild's Fiber Fair 2015

So, to get ready for this and other fairs, I’ve been trying to make as many things as possible! One of my favorite things to make, it seems, are these little wristlets:


They offer so many possibilities, it’s kind of like those potato chip ads: it’s hard to just make one! 🙂

Cheers to all!