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The resounding silence on this site is due to one major factor: I have an art/craft fair to get ready for. The Christkindlmarkt show in Pottsville is one of the biggest art fairs of the year in town, a two-day event in the fabulously-decorated Yuengling Mansion that is the home of the Schuylkill County Council for the Arts. (Yes, that is Yuengling, as in the beer company. The family gave one of the family homes to the community to house the arts. How cool is that?)  I had a few items at last year’s Christkindlmarkt, sharing space with my husband and his books, DVDs, etc. from his Mazz Press line, but not much because of my hand injury last August. This year I’m trying to do much better!

Last year, the only thing I could make a lot of were wrist warmers. I have really long arms, and my sleeves tend to ride up and make my wrists really cold in the winter time. So I tried making some fingerless gloves out of fleece. Loved them, so made a few more. They were a hit! And I’ve already had someone ask if I’d have them there this year, so I’ve been trying to make as many as I can, in lots of colors. Here are a few I’ve finished so far:

Photo of fleece wrist warmers in a half circle.

I like to add a blanket stitch around the cuff using embroidery floss, just to make them look a little nicer. That’s the part that takes a while; I have a whole stack of these waiting for blanket stitching.

I also decided to amp up the card holders this year. I sold quite a few when I suggested to people they would be great for giving gift cards. So I’ve made a bunch in a variety of fabrics, both holiday and non. I even found some birthday fabric! I mostly made them from scraps left from making other things: when I’d cut up my fabric for a larger project, I’d also cut off a strip (or a piece) the right size for the card holders, and make a bunch at a time.

Handful of card holders

I also have a few other things ready, like all the purses I made this past summer, a few wristlet purses, a couple of wallets, some other odds and ends (like one wine tote bag and an orange and grey cross-body purse) and some hand quilted things like the reversible table runner I made last year:

Blue black and white table runnerRed black and white reverse side of table runner

Finally, I’m trying one new thing this year: stockings. I made just one stocking last year and gave it to my youngest niece (who just turned 1 year old last week!). So far I only have these four made. I’m hoping to get a couple more made, but time is going fast and I may not get to them.

Red and black Christmas stockings featuring winter puppiesWhite and red Christmas stockings

So, it’s back to the sofa for me to keep doing blanket stitch. Cheers to all, whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year!