About the Quilted Librarian

Reference librarian, quilter, reader, publisher, sports fan, baker; not always in that order. I live in eastern Pennsylvania with my husband, who is a newspaper reporter by day and an author by night.

I started this blog with one general goal, and that goal has expanded as time went on. I’ve opened an Etsy store, “An Extra Shot of Quilt“, to sell some of the fabric things I’ve made. And while this blog serves a couple of purposes, I find it’s easier to interact with people on Facebook, so I started a group page as well.

This blog is partially a longform space for me to share my projects that would otherwise fill up my Facebook newsfeed; partially a space for me to share thoughts with the wide world that I find important; and partially a space for me to let people know about the books my husband and I publish under the Mazz Press imprint. (Update: he has started his own blog, posting his reviews of films and music from “The Darker Side of Entertainment”. You can find his blog at themercenaryjournal.wordpress.com)

You can find our ebooks on Amazon, Smashwords, and other major retailers (links below are to Amazon, which seems to be the most popular). The print versions are only available directly from us, either at author events or from our website at www.mazzpress.com. We take great pride in the print versions, which include illustrations by comic book artists and supplements sections that give you a view behind the scenes of writing the books or making our short films. Yes, we have made films, and produced albums, too. Mazz Press takes a multi-media approach to storytelling.

So, if you like action/thriller stories, featuring strong women who don’t back down from a fight, you might want to take a peek at what Mazz Press has to offer:

The .40 Caliber Mouse: A Modern Tale of Vengeance — The first novel in “The .40 Caliber Mouse” series, this action-packed thriller is an introduction to Corinn Michaels. Artist. Computer hacker. Angry spirit. And a low-rent mercenary’s key to starting a deadly online business.

The .40 Caliber Mousehunt: The Modern Tale of Vengeance Continues — Corinn Michaels is running from a society obsessed with either finding her, using her or killing her.  Secretly the webmaster for a mercenary who sells hits online, she’d created a modern monster: an Internet terror and a fashion statement. And The .40 Caliber Mouse was very in demand.

The Wild Damned — A masked phantom carving a scarlet swath through Ohio is forecasting the apocalypse. Called “The Carrion Crow,” he believes an ancient prophecy about the savagery of mankind is coming to pass. Two fierce souls who stand in the harbinger’s way could prove him right. Stacia Rose is a college student and a thrill-seeking urban explorer. Lon ‘Bedhead’ Stoesz is a burned out combat vet haunted by monstrous visions.

Katerina Blues — Katerina Dalzell, a sexy wild child, had made a name for herself. But on a fateful New Year’s Eve, she found not everyone was a fan. The blonde with the signature cat tat had become a target, hunted by a horde of contractors, from butchers with meat hooks to chic gunfighters. Desperate, she hired a bodyguard, someone who also had a reputation, The .40 Caliber Mouse.


2 thoughts on “About the Quilted Librarian”

  1. Hi there Lady, just took a peek here and think your site is amazing. I would love to know how you mastered using wordpress. Any suggestions, I just posted when Gary was sick and then never did anything with the forum. Now I’m ready to start putting my writings here as a Memoir Pictorial but sure could use some help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Becky I went to Hamburg this Saturday and picked up a card from an artist who does beautiful different pieces with her quilting work. Will forward info for you to take a peak.

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